Long Tone Exercises

I listen to a lot of music... I'm sure you do to right? One of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling like I need a little more fun in my warm up to stay motivated is to put on some music and just play long tones along with it. This can be done with just about anything! Recently I've started writing some of these down in the form of long tone exercises anybody can do. I'll post links to the music on youtube, and all you have to do is pull up the corresponding exercise and play along. Concentrate on taking a good breath before each attack and listen to the music for dynamics and phrasing! There is an example below and I have made the rest of these exercises available in an album on my Facebook Page CLICK HERE


Virtual Lesson Tools

Daily mouthpiece buzzing exercises. Buzz along no piano required! Make sure with each of these exercises you remember to breath and get a good clear attack right in the center of the pitch.