For Prospective Students

My teaching foundation comes from studying the methods of brass pedagogical greats like Arnold Jacobs, James Stamp, and Bill Adams and combining their knowledge with my own years of personal and professional experience. I emphasize sound fundamentals and musical sensitivity and expect my students to be hard working and dedicated to the instrument. I keep my studio small, but if you are driven and passionate about the trumpet please contact me and we can discuss lessons!

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Now Offering Online Lessons!

No matter where you live you can get a lesson, as long as you have a trumpet and an internet connection!

Audition Preparation

Auditioning is a skill like any other and it needs to be practiced and honed. If you are preparing for an audition, whether it is a school honor band, professional military band or a symphony orchestra, that is a great time to get the opinion of a fresh set of ears and make sure you have a plan that will lead to your best possible performance. While I keep my full time studio small, I do offer individual sessions on audition prep, so find me on the contact page if you have a big audition coming up or would like to refine your practice techniques to improve your auditioning in the future.